Silicon Valley Business School
Improving the Quality, Relevance & Accessibility of Business Education

SVBS is an online curriculum provider offering free courses, low-cost certificate courses and expert guidance to anyone, anywhere, anytime. SVBS is not an academic institution, does not offer degrees, all courses and programs currently range from $150-$250 each, hence SVBS operates as a web content publisher exempt from any licensing or regulatory requirements.

We collaborate with institutions, startup incubators, law firms, entrepreneurship and investor organizations to deliver programs worldwide.

We have a practical, real-world approach that is designed to help our audience build successful businesses, devise workable intellectual property strategies and successfully commercialize new technologies.


We see SVBS leading a radical transformation in the way business education is taught and delivered worldwide. The most effective features of traditional business school will be combined with new technology to enhance the entire educational experience. Valuable new products and leading companies of the future will be formed and developed with the help of online courses and educational materials from SVBS.


The mission of Silicon Valley Business School is to make quality, relevant business education accessible and available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


  • Reinvent business education, making it more relevant, interesting, and accessible.
  • Expose learners to all aspects of modern business, including topics traditionally taught by law schools, engineering schools and professional associations.
  • Provide a venue for students to learn directly from experienced business leaders and professionals.
  • Make quality business education accessible and affordable to all.
  • Foster future generations of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Our Approach
We publish an online curriculum of courses. If you’re looking to learn how business is conducted in Silicon Valley and the technology sector, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will learn what it takes to become successful in business. We teach you practical, real-world skills you need in your career. Our courses are created by expert practitioners with decades of experience gained from hundreds of companies and thousands of transactions.

If you’re looking for an MBA or degree from a traditional institution where academics instruct you on their theories or teach you how business was conducted before the digital age, Silicon Valley Business School is not for you. We do not offer you an MBA or any form of degree. What we do offer you is a comprehensive and up-to-date online education that will prepare you for business in Silicon Valley and the modern world.

Although our courses are affordable, don’t be surprised if you find them to be substantial, thorough and challenging. We’re preparing you for success in the modern business environment, and this is a complex place where the domains of strategy, marketing, finance and law collide. We take you beyond the scope of any traditional business school, incorporating important business courses only usually found in law school programs. We provide you with the legal aspects of business and the skills you need to navigate your business through transactions like company formation, sales contacts, raising finance, mergers, acquisitions & IPOs. Our law school courses cover the same material as J.D. programs, teaching you all the rules of law you would need to pass a bar examination to qualify as a licensed attorney, but we spare you the tedious readings and analysis of cases.

Where traditional business schools teach students how to debate cases and analyze companies operated by others, we teach you how to drive your own companies toward success. Our approach is to help you become a successful player, not merely an analyst or spectator.

SVBS started life as ASTECS, the association of technology entrepreneurs, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.  ASTECS gathered together a knowledgebase of materials from active business leaders, venture investors, lawyers, accountants, bankers and all members of the business community in Silicon Valley. After running seminars and educational programs for local entrepreneurs, we ran programs in Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan and several countries worldwide, discovering a huge thirst for learning in all aspects of high-technology business.

In 2005, we started actively recording videos, lectures and gathering other learning content into the most comprehensive learning system of it's type.  Instead of running local programs in Santa Clara University, we turned our attentions to the extended audience on the Internet, prepared a complete curricula of educational materials, and started the process of organizing ourselves as SVBS~Silicon Valley Business School.

The "SILICON VALLEY BUSINESS SCHOOL" trademark was granted by the USPTO with registration number 4,047,250 in 2011.  In 2012, SVBS Co., a Delaware corporation with headquarters in California, was spun out of the parent company Cambridge Manhattan Group, LLC.