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This course explores what it means to be an entrepreneur, what entrepreneurs do, the risks involved in forming a startup venture, the challenges and potential rewards of entrepreneurship. The startup journey is discussed, a roadmap is provided, and the pro's and con's of various exits (sale of the Company, IPO, sale of assets, shutdown and bankruptcy) are compared and contrasted. Business planning, business models, routes to market and business momentum are covered. Advanced management maneuvers such as reinventing the Company and restarting the Company are explained. Note: Although this is an extensive course covering the essence of entrepreneurship, there are many skills required to become a successful entrepreneur and students of entrepreneurship are advised to enroll on many other SVBS courses including Finance & Accounting, Raising Finance, Marketing, Sales and Business Development, IPO & Securities Regulation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Patents & Intellectual Property, Patent & I.P. Strategies.

Free Course Sections
Below you have free access to some of the learning materials in each section of this course. These are provided for you to educate yourself on the course content. If you want to gain a good understanding, we recommend you watch each video and read all the materials in each section before moving along to the next section.

Entrepreneurship: Introduction
Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship Challenges & Potential Rewards
Entrepreneurship: Alternative Routes & Destinations for the Startup Journey
Entrepreneurship: Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship: Planning & Company Navigation
Entrepreneurship: Assembling a Winning Team
Entrepreneurship: Routes to Market
Entrepreneurship: Business Momentum
Entrepreneurship: Business Momentum ~ Radical Momentum Maneuvers
Certificate Course
The Certificate Course covers the same material, but tracks your progress and tests you in each section. Once you have passed all the quizzes in the Certificate Course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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