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Criminal Procedure

This module teaches the constitutional and other protections extended to individuals facing criminal charges in the U.S. Topics covered include searches and seizures, warrants, Miranda rights and the defendant's rights to representation by legal counsel.

Free Course Sections
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Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Rights For Individuals Facing Criminal Charges
Criminal Procedure: Summary of 4th Amendment Rights
Criminal Procedure: Searches, Seizures & the 4th Amendment
Criminal Procedure: Consent to Search & the 4th Amendment
Criminal Procedure: Probable Cause & the 4th Amendment
Criminal Procedure: Warrants & the 4th Amendment
Criminal Procedure: Arrest & the 4th Amendment
Criminal Procedure: Valid Searches and Seizures Without Warrants
Criminal Procedure: Unlawful Searches & Seizures
Criminal Procedure: Miranda, Police Interrogations & Confessions
Criminal Procedure: Rights to Counsel Under 5th & 6th Amendments
Certificate Course
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