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Patent Strategies

Patent assertion, defensive measures, portfolio construction and other strategic issues are taught in this module. The various business models encountered in the patent business are presented and discussed, including patent aggregators, non-practicing entities and defensive patent pools.

Free Course Sections
Below you have free access to some of the learning materials in each section of this course. These are provided for you to educate yourself on the course content. If you want to gain a good understanding, we recommend you watch each video and read all the materials in each section before moving along to the next section.

Patent Strategies: The Patent Landscape
Patent Strategies: Patent Monetization
Patent Strategies: Patent Wars
Patent Strategies: Patent Strategies for Corporate Product Marketers
Patent Strategies: Patent & I.P. Strategies for Startups
Patent Strategies: Patent Sales and Other I.P. Transactions
Patent Strategies: Patent Injunctions ~ Blocking The Sale of Products
Patent Strategies: Patent Portfolios
Patent Strategies: Non-Practicing Entities
Patent Strategies: Defensive Patent Aggregators
Patent Strategies: Patent & I.P. Licensing
Patent Strategies: Patent Cross-Licensing
Patent Strategies: FRAND Licensing & Standards Bodies
Patent Strategies: Patent Valuation
Certificate Course
The Certificate Course covers the same material, but tracks your progress and tests you in each section. Once you have passed all the quizzes in the Certificate Course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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