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Internal Relaunch (Warm Restart)
A Step in a Management Maneuver in the Mezzanine Stage of Startup Development

Internal relaunch is a step in the process of restarting the Company. The Warm Restart is designed to boost momentum by shedding excess baggage. You're not going to get much of positive a reception from the staff, if you don't have any new employee incentives to offer/announce. To gather momentum coming out of a warm restart, you can arrange a series of Rah-Rah sessions to rally the troops. At the very least, you're going to need a company meeting to announce the change in strategy and answer questions from employees that, by this time, are likely wondering what the heck's going on. The restructuring activities and the resulting changes are internal to the company and a warm restart can be totally invisible to customers and the outside world, so an external re-launch may be unnecessary. The team should come out of the internal re-launch meetings in an upbeat frame of mind, enthusiastic about the company and its new strategy, clear about the route ahead and the role that each individual has to play.

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