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Bankruptcy: Secured Transactions
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  • Video ~ What is a Lien?
A lien is nothing more than a property interest that secures a debt. A judgment can create a lien in real estate, or if the sheriff "levies" on property, that will create a lien on that property. The most important thing to keep in mind about a lien is that it relates to a specific piece of property.

  • Video ~ What is a Judicial Lien?
A judicial lien is a lien that arises after a judgment is entered against a defendant. Generally, a judgment automatically becomes a lien in real estate, that the defendant has in the county.

  • Video ~ What is Lien Perfection?
Frequently more than one lender will make a loan to someone secured by their home, their car, their business assets or their other property. Once a lender records a notice of their lien with a state or county recording office, other lenders will know of that lien's existence and decide whether or not to make a loan: The act of recording this notice with a state or county recording office is known as "Perfection". Priority of liens in a piece of property depends on the date that notice is recorded, also known as the date of perfection.

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