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Entrepreneurship: Business Momentum ~ Radical Momentum Maneuvers
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Below you are free to explore extracts of the learning materials included in this course. If you're interested in educating yourself on these topics, we recommend that you review all these materials. If you're looking for a credential, please take a look at the certificate version of this course which will test your understanding of the materials and track your progress through the course until you have completed it and earned your certificate.

  • Welcome Video ~ Radical Momentum Maneuvers Section
This video provides an introduction to the "Business Momentum ~ Radical Momentum Maneuvers" section of the Entrepreneurship course.

  • Video ~ Reinventing the Company

PDF slides for the learning material titled: "Video ~ Reinventing the Company".

Memo to staff from CEO of failing startup, with negative momentum.

  • Video ~ Knowing when to Pivot

  • Video ~ What to Do When Your Business Isn't Working
This video looks at five steps to turn things around when a business model is not quite working out.

  • Video ~ How To Change Your Strategy Midstream
This video provides tips on how to do a pivot and radically shift your business model when your product does not appeal to your market.

  • Video ~ Is it the Right Time to Change Your Business Strategy?
This video provides information regarding how to know the right time to reconsider your business strategy, and how it will affect your business.

This portion of the book, Zero-to-IPO, written by David Smith, provides information regarding how to restart a company. Topics covered include "Warm Restart", and 'Cold Restart".

  • Video ~ Restarting the Company

PDF slides for the learning material titled: "Video ~ Restarting the Company".

Oftentimes, startup entrepreneurs are simply too close to their businesses to get a clear, non-biased look at what may be holding it back from ultimate success. Maybe they lack the required skills or business experience required to identify or correct problems inside their product, process or team.

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