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Since the advent of the Internet, email has grown into a pervasive medium providing a high-speed, low-cost and readily accessible channel of communication between individuals and organizations. This article provides an introduction to "Email Marketing".

  • Video ~ Email Marketing

  • Video ~ 5 Steps to Start Email Marketing

  • Video ~ 5 Ways to Grow Your Email List

  • Video ~ Commercially Available Mailing Lists

  • Video ~ Email Marketing & Newsletters: Email Body

  • Video ~ Professional & B2B Emails: Email Body

  • Video ~Professional & B2B Emails: Sending Tactics

  • Video ~ Three Marketing Myths Debunked
As the Internet introduced many new marketing channels, it also fostered many new marketing misconceptions. It's time to analyze some these and separate fact from fiction.

This study by IDC and McKinsey reports that 28% of the average office employee workweek is spent reading and answering emails. It is not necessary to read the entire study.

U.S. Federal regulations controlling unwanted texts and email.

  • Video ~ Successful Email Marketing - How It's Done

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