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Patent Strategies: Patent Wars
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  • Video ~ The Patent Wars

PDF slides for the learning material titled: "Video ~ The Patent Wars".

  • Video ~ Patent War Lawyers Assemble in Silicon Valley
Santa Clara University hosts conference to discuss strategies for patent infringement defendants, and how to address the growing tide of lawsuits from non-practicing entities.

  • Video ~ Apple / Samsung Verdict

  • Video ~ Calculating Patent Damages
How are damages calculated in Patent infringement suits?

This article explains the verdict in the Apple/Samsung case. August 2012.

  • Video ~ Apple / Samsung Damages Set at $119m Page

  • Video ~ China's Patent Arms Race

This portion of the book, Patents, Cloaks & Daggers, written by David Smith outlines reasons why patents are bought and sold. It also outlines the common mistakes made by Patent sellers. It also looks at how litigation drives the Patent market.

An example of the creative business models being practiced in the patent sector.

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