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Valuation: Businesses in Merger & Acquisition Transactions
Free Extracts from the Valuation Course
Below you are free to explore extracts of the learning materials included in this course. If you're interested in educating yourself on these topics, we recommend that you review all these materials. If you're looking for a credential, please take a look at the certificate version of this course which will test your understanding of the materials and track your progress through the course until you have completed it and earned your certificate.

  • Video ~ Valuation ~ Mergers & Acquisitions
This voice narrated slideshow deals with valuation for merger and acquisition transactions, particularly acquisition of companies that are generating positive cash flows.

  • Video ~ Valuation ~ When to Talk Price

  • Video ~ Valuation ~ Weighted Average
There are various techniques available for valuing a company. Some can produce inaccurate valuations in certain situations. Reviewing several valuations produced by various methods and calculating a weighted average may produce a figure that eliminates some of the extreme value assessments.

  • Video ~ The Art of Valuing a Business in M&A

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