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Valuation: Startup Businesses in Venture Capital & Other Financings
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  • Video ~ Valuation ~ Return on Investment

  • Video ~ Startup Valuation
This voice narrated slideshow looks at the methods of valuation used by Venture Capital and other investors, when assessing the value of seed and early stage startup companies.

  • Video ~ Valuation ~ Early & Seed Stage Startups

  • Video ~ Pre-Money Post-Money

  • Video ~ Liquidation Preference

  • Video ~ Valuation ~ Later-Stage Funding

  • Video ~ Valuation ~ Depends on Transaction
This voice narrated slideshow looks at the valuation techniques that are useful for assessing the value of companies, under various scenarios.

Tech startups, especially privately held companies, reaching billion dollar valuations are referred to as "Unicorns". This article looks at the fluctuations in their valuations.

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