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Entrepreneurship: Alternative Routes & Destinations for the Startup Journey
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  • Video ~ Alternative Routes & Destinations

PDF slides for the learning material titled: "Video ~ Alternative Routes & Destinations".

  • Video ~ Q&A With Jeff Ready, Entrepreneur

  • Video ~ Interview with Imin Lee, Entrepreneur

  • Optional Video ~ Interview with Wu-Fu Chen, Entrepreneur & Investor

  • Video ~ VC Exits Increasingly Elusive

This portion of the book, Zero-to-IPO by David Smith, examines the life of a startup in the context of a journey. This journey terminates when the company reaches its destination, and ceases to exist as a private, independent organization—at IPO, Acquisition or Shutdown.

  • Video ~ Cashing Out Post-IPO

  • Video ~ Following IPO, Groupon Founder's a Billionaire--On Paper
Video explains how the founders of startup companies get to cash out following IPO. It discusses the lock-up period, insider trading regulation and other restrictions on selling stock following IPO.

Forbes article on how the VC's earned more (on paper) than the CEO of Box at the IPO.

  • Video ~ The Hidden Costs of Startup Funding Sources

This article gives an account of how a startup dissolved overnight and laid off its 400 employees.

A New York Times article regarding the sale of a company and how it affected the employees.

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