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Contracts: Beyond Contractual Duties
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  • Video ~ Promissory Estoppel

etrimental reliance is an important component of many causes of action relating to breach of contract, including fraud, misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, violation of the Unfair Practices Act (or UPA), and enforcing an oral contract under the theory of promissory estoppel.

A promise must be supported by consideration to form a binding contract, but there are scenarios in which the Court will enforce a promise where no contract was formed. Usually these are situations of detrimental reliance, where the person relied on the promise and suffered a detriment as a result.

When it comes to negotiating, thinking beyond the current contract is often the most effective strategy. Today’s savvy and progressive negotiators are learning bickering over price is an old-school mindset that might be appropriate for buying something from the local market, but is not the best or smartest way to lay a solid foundation for a strategic, collaborative relationship.

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