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Entrepreneurship: Assembling a Winning Team
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  • Welcome Video ~ Assembling a Winning Team Section
This video provides an introduction to the "Assembling a Winning Team" section of the Entrepreneurship course.

  • Video ~ Assembling a Winning Team

  • Video ~ 5 Traits Of An Excellent Startup Team

  • Video ~ The 4 Types of Employees that Every Entrepreneur Should Know

  • Video ~ Secrets to Team Building for Entrepreneurs

  • Video ~ How Can A Startup Attract Top Sales Talent?

  • Video ~ How was Steve Jobs Fired From Apple?
This video examines how founders of startups can be fired from the companies that they founded, and looks at the departure of Steve Jobs from Apple in 1985.

  • Video ~ Building your Startup Team

  • Video ~ Family Businesses Perform Better

  • Video ~ Hiring Your First Employee - Tips for Startups

  • Video ~ Three Ways to Build Your Business Team

  • Video ~ Ways to Select the Perfect Board Members
This video provides tips for successfully choosing the right board members.

  • Video ~ How an Outside Board Member Can Help

  • Video ~ Making Orientation Materials for a New Board Member
This video discusses how to create orientation documents for your new board member(s).

  • Video ~ Welcoming a New Member to Your Board

How employees and independent contractors are distinguished in California.

  • Video ~ Independent Contractor v. Employee

  • Video ~ The Difference Between Employee and Independent Contractor

This article provides information regarding how to determine whether individuals that are providing services to a business are Employees or Independent Contractors.

Story about the decision of the California Labor Commission regarding a case involving an Uber driver.

Story about the outcome of a pair of class-action lawsuits against Uber regarding how it classifies its drivers.

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