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Expert in Patent Prosecution & Strategy

Britten holds a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law and a B.S, Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University.

Patent Attorney
Britten has years of experience in working in every stage of the patent process, including early-stage IP opportunities, strategic preparation and procurement of patents, and alignment of patent portfolios with business strategies. As a patent attorney with Zilka-Kotab, PC, he provides patent and licensing-related legal counsel to groups of all sizes, including from individual inventors to Fortune 500 size companies.

Britten is recognized as one of the world's leading IP strategists by IAM magazine, identified by Super Lawyers as one of Northern California Rising Stars and is Section Chair in the Silicon Valley's local bar association, one of the largest attorney networks in the Bay Area, and oversees events focusing on high technology.

Britten has written several peer-reviewed publications, and two law textbooks relating to IP including:

  • Handbook 1: Fundamentals of IP ~ Contained in this collection are four separate guides: A Primer on Intellectual Property, File a Provisional Patent Yourself, Trademark Strategies for The Entrepreneur, and Corporate Perspectives on IP Strategy. View this book on
  • A Primer on Intellectual Property ~ This guide provides a concise overview of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. It is intended as a first introduction to intellectual property. View this book on
  • File a Provisional Patent Yourself ~ This guide provides a concise overview of what is needed to file a provisional patent application, as well as perspectives which should be taken into consideration when preparing a provisional patent application. View this book on
  • Why Practice Intellectual Property Law? ~ This guide provides a brief introduction on steps needed in order to become an IP specialist, as well as an overview of some of the fields within intellectual property. View this book on
  • Trademark Strategies for the Entrepreneur ~ This guide provides a concise overview of the strength of a mark, how to secure a trademark, and how to enforce rights associated with your protection. View this book on
  • Corporate Perspectives on IP Strategy ~ This guide provides a concise overview of how IP, and patents in particular, can add value to a company's portfolio. Included in the guide are recommendations on streamlining your company's IP process. View this book on
  • Intellectual Property Clinic Manual ~ This book combines theoretical teachings with practical realities. In essence, it teaches how to work effectively in all aspects of intellectual property, including dealing with clients, drafting applications, responding to office actions, among other items. The focus of this manual is to teach a little bit very thoroughly. View this book on
  • Patent Practice Skills & Strategies ~ Perhaps you’ve invented the next big breakthrough. If so, congratulations. Now the next test begins. How do you protect such an invention? How do you ensure that such protection adds value to your invention? And ultimately, how do you ensure that you get properly compensated for your invention? This textbook will teach these and other core patent concepts. View this book on
  • Goliath v Goliath Fallout: Repercussions of Apple v. Samsung ~ This article first analyzes in Part I the procedural aspects of the Apple v. Samsung case, including reviewing all matters that relate to this central dispute. Secondly, Part II of this article investigates the possible repercussions of the Apple v. Samsung case.

Professor, Law Clinic Founder & Director
As well as teaching as Professor at SVBS, Britten is Chair of the IP Department and Professor of Lincoln Law School of San Jose. He initiated and successfully completed the application process for Lincoln Law School to be admitted into the USPTO Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program. He currently manages and oversees the entire Intellectual Property Clinic. Britten teaches intellectual property, patent practice skills, portfolio strategies, and manages a USPTO pro-bono patent and trademark clinic.