Silicon Valley Business School
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I  enroll in a course?
Enrollment involves 3 simple steps:

1) Create your SVBS account here.
2) Select your course.
3) Pay for your course with Paypal.

Click here to visit the page to get step-by-step information about enrolling a course.

What equipment do I need?
You will need an Internet connection and a device for accessing the website.  We recommend that your primary access device is a PC or Mac, but most of the materials are accessible on a tablet, and many are available on a smartphone.

What if I have questions?
In each section of each Certificate Course, you will find a Q&A Messageboard where you can see questions that have been asked previously and you can ask questions and receive answers to questions arising from that section.

Can I get a certificate of completion emailed directly to another school, employer or association?
Yes, simply make your request here and the certificate will be emailed to the organization and person you identify.