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Management Maneuvers—Marketing
Marketing Activities in a Startup Venture

As the term is broadly defined by marketeers, marketing involves all aspects of interaction with the customer and encompasses product design, promotions, pricing, distribution and many aspects of business planning.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of marketing advice and materials available today are not aimed at startup ventures.  They are aimed at corporations with established product lines, somewhat established brands and some marketing budget.

The first rule of marketing in a technology startup is this: don’t spend any money. The second rule: don’t hire someone that wants to spend money. The third rule: hire someone that knows how to spend someone else’s money. You need to keep as much of your cash as possible to build out your product—if it really has the potential to change the world, the press and analysts will get excited and you’ll get valuable coverage without spending huge budgets on advertising.

However, you do need to generate awareness and recognition, stake your position in the market and start generating momentum as quickly as possible. You need a head of marketing to lead these efforts. Unfortunately these can be the most expensive people you’ll ever hire.

Startup ventures today can exploit social networking capabilities and leverage online search engine optimization techniques to reach customers and promote their products and services at reasonable cost.

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