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Management Maneuvers—Taking Bearings & Assessing Momentum
Assessing Status and Navigating the Company Toward Success

Regularly taking your bearings enables you to identify when you’re off course and take remedial action before it’s too late, but it also helps track the company’s progress—and this can boost team morale and accelerate the momentum.

We all make mistakes but good navigators don’t deviate too far from the track because they regularly ask themselves ‘where are we now and is this where we planned to be at this point in the journey?’

Unfortunately, we’re often so wrapped up driving or building a business that we forget to check where we are and by the time we discover that we’ve deviated from the track it’s too late.

Car drivers don’t have much of an excuse for veering off track—there are plenty of road signs and maps, even GPS navigation systems, to tell you exactly where you are and provide precise directions. Without the luxury of business roadmaps or GPS systems, many technology startups have blindly headed off in the wrong direction for years. The roadmaps in this knowledgebase should help you target your destination and plot out a route to get there, however, they’re of little use if you can’t fix your position and figure out, with any accuracy, where you are.