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David Smith

A former Apple World Marketing manager, responsible for Apple’s global brand and marketing programs, David has formed dozens of startups including Silicon Valley Business School, Silicon Valley High School and Tynax.  He authored several books including Patents, Cloaks & Daggers–Inside the Secretive Patent Trade, Dollar Value–the Valuation of Patents, Startups, Software and Other Intellectual Property Assets, and Zero-to-IPO–A Roadmap and Travel Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs, now published in Japanese as well as English language.

A pioneer of the early Internet and worldwide web, David’s was founder and CEO of SurfMonkey, Inc., developing the leading web browser and safety service for kids. As CEO of MediaLive Inc., David designed one of the first web browsers, email and TV-set-top-box systems. David’s inventions have been awarded U.S. patents and his software and multimedia products have won critical acclaim.

He is the host of the Silicon Valley Trends podcast series, has presented and appeared in a number of videos, lectured in business schools and universities in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, addressed U.S. government congressional hearings and appeared on several radio and TV shows. David is recognized as one of the “World’s Leading IP Strategists” in the IAM Strategy 300, published by International Asset Magazine.

He holds a BSc.(Hons.) Computer Science & Economics from the University of Leeds (U.K.), a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the University of Westminster (U.K.) and a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law (U.S.).

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