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Enrollment involves 2 simple steps:

1) Create Your SVBS Account
Click here to visit the page where you create your account or use the “CREATE SVBS ACCOUNT” button located to the right or below at the bottom of the page (depending on if you are browsing on computer/tablet or mobile). You will need to select a username, password, email address and some additional information.

2) Pay $25/Month School Enrollment Fee–For Unlimited Access to the Educational Materials
After you login to your user account, you will have to provide payment information. You will be charged at a rate of $25/monthly, however, your first 7 days are free! If you are happy with our courses, your credit card will be billed monthly following your 7’th day of enrollment on a monthly basis. You now have access to the entire Silicon Valley Business School knowledgebase and you’re free to take whichever courses you like at your own pace. 

If you prefer to pay annually, instead of paying $25/month, you can choose to pay $250/year.

3) Select your Expert(s) and Enroll in their Chat Rooms
Each of the SVBS expert operates an online private chat room where you can ask questions, get answers and find out where you can find the information you need to make informed decisions.

Please visit our FAQ page if you have additional questions for further details regarding your enrollment.

Contact Us
If you have questions which remain unanswered after visiting our FAQ page, or would like further information, contact our support team who will be happy to help you through the admissions process. Please contact us through the chat box that pops up at the bottom of the page or through the Contact Us page