Silicon Valley Business School

At Silicon Valley Business School, we provide affordable business education to everyone, everywhere, and for $25 a month, you can get yourself an extensive business-school and law-school education from the comfort of your home. However, our passion is nurturing successful entrepreneurs and growing valuable new business ventures through our MentorAccelerator™ program. Yes, we blended the words “Mentor:” and “Accelerator” because we educate & mentor entrepreneurs and help them accelerate their startup ventures toward success.

Where more than 90% of startups generally fail, we can help you flip the odds in your favor. More than 90% of the startups we’ve developed have delivered a positive return on investment, and some of the returns have been outstanding.

Our methodology is centered around the startup process being viewed as a journey. We help you figure out where you’re going, and then help you get there—one milestone at a time. Acceleration means generating momentum and this can be key to success in the tech sector where often the winner takes all.

Our process involves monthly online meetings with your mentor followed by a status report and action plan from your mentor identifying the milestones you need to work on, together with online learning materials showing you how to achieve each of your targeted goals.

We have a network of software developers, graphic designers, video producers, marketing guru’s, attorneys dealmakers and experts who can help you hit your milestones and generate momentum along your route.

As a school, you’ll see that we have a complete curriculum of online courses, with special emphasis on topics like entrepreneurship, patents and intellectual property and digital marketing.

Our knowledgebase organizes all the learning materials in our courses around milestones. We’ve identified over 200 milestones that make up the startup process, and more than 15 management maneuvers designed to boost momentum or achieve important goals like raising finance from investors.

Our Mentor Accelerator program is entirely online, so it’s not restricted to entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

There’s a small monthly membership fee and we’re incented to help our entrepreneurs make a success of their startups though equity and/or a revenue sharing arrangement.

We’re looking for entrepreneurs with great ideas who are prepared to put in the effort and do what it takes to build a successful new business, survive startup and ultimately cash out.

The startup journey requires hard work, study and perseverance. There’s a lot to learn if you’re going to be successful in business and there’s no better place to learn the craft of entrepreneurship than Silicon Valley Business School.


SVBS started life as ASTECS, the association of technology entrepreneurs, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.  ASTECS gathered together a knowledgebase of materials from active business leaders, venture investors, lawyers, accountants, bankers and all members of the business community in Silicon Valley. After running seminars and educational programs for local entrepreneurs, we ran programs in Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan and several countries worldwide, discovering a huge thirst for learning in all aspects of high-technology business.

In 2005, we started actively recording videos, lectures and gathering other learning content into the most comprehensive learning system of it’s type.  Instead of running local programs in Santa Clara University, we turned our attentions to the extended audience on the Internet, prepared a complete curricula of educational materials, and started the process of organizing ourselves as SVBS~Silicon Valley Business School.

The “SILICON VALLEY BUSINESS SCHOOL” trademark was granted by the USPTO with registration number 4,047,250 in 2011.  In 2012, SVBS Co., a Delaware corporation with headquarters in California, was spun out of the parent company Cambridge Manhattan Group, LLC.