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Application for Intern Scholarship

If you’re smart, ambitious and willing to learn, the Silicon Valley Business School online internship-scholarship program led by David Smith and Mark Cameron White could be your ticket to success in the tech sector.

David Smith is a former Apple World Marketing Manager, serial entrepreneur, and author of books on entrepreneurship, intellectual property and valuation. David hosts the Silicon Valley Trends podcast and is recognized as one of the world’s leading intellectual property strategists.

Harvard-educated, Mark Cameron White is recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s leading lawyers, having formed preeminent startups like Tesla Motors, and has personally closed literally thousands of VC fundraising and merger/acquisition transactions.
David and Mark are looking for bright, ambitious individuals to work with them part-time in a unique online internship/scholarship program.

You will be working on Liquidity Club, an exclusive global online association of members interested in driving technology startups through successful exits. The club brings together the world’s leading startups, investors, vendors, accelerators, mentors and corporations.

You’ll also work on Silicon Valley Business School, a combined online business school and law school offering unique programs that lead to rewarding career paths in the tech sector.

This is an opportunity to connect with leading movers and shakers in the tech sector and earn a valuable education along the way. All your courses are free when you intern on these groundbreaking projects.

This is an online part-time opportunity open to ambitious candidates anywhere in the world.

Please submit your application below:

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