Online Education Leading to Rewarding Careers in the Technology Sector

Business works differently in Silicon Valley and the tech sector. Our courses can act as your ticket to success if you’re interested in topics like technology, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, intellectual property, finance & investing, mergers & IPO’s.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)—Coming Soon

Our MBA program involves more than 900 hours of study, the equivalent to 62 credits. Like all our programs, the MBA is entirely online and self-paced. 

Admission into the MBA program requires proof of a bachelor’s degree, submission of an essay about yourself and where you see your career journey taking you, successful completion of an online entrance exam and an online video interview.

The award of an MBA degree will take place once you have earned a passing score in all the required learning modules below and when SVBS has received its accreditation. However, on the route to earning your MBA, you will receive the following certifications: Certified Technology Entrepreneur, Certified Patent Professional, Certified Valuation Professional, Certified Legal Professional, Certified Marketing Professional and Certified Startup Mentor. 

Certified Technology Entrepreneur—$2,500

Starting a new venture and driving to success is not easy. There’s a lot to learn if you’re going to survive startup and cash out. Hence, this extensive course requires more than 600 hours of study, which would translate to more than 40 credits, including the following modules. 

Certified Patent Professional—$2,500

This certification is for individuals who would like to work in the field of patents and intellectual property.  Completing the following learning materials will require approximately 340 hours of study, or 23 credits.

Certified Liquidity Professional—$2,500

This unique courses teaches how to unlock the value of private company shares and assets, converting them to cash through mergers & acquisitions, IPO’s, SPAC’s and asset sales. Beyond learning about various aspects of business, you will learn how shares in companies are restricted from sale through securities regulation, and how you can sell shares to other companies, how you can sell shares to the public through IPO and SPAC vehicles.  This course requires around 445 hours of study, translating to 32 credits.

Certified Valuation Professional—$2,500

This course provides you with the skills and expertise you need to provide professional appraisals and valuations of companies, technology assets and other properties.  You will learn how to appraise the value of startup companies, shares, patents, trademarks, copyrights, software code among other items. Valuation experts are highly paid, especially when acting as expert witnesses, providing evidence in law suits.  This course requires around 500 hours of study, translating to 33 credits.

Certified Legal Professional—$2,500

This course covers the material you would learn in law school and provides you with essentially all the knowledge you would need to pass a bar exam in the US. However, where law school requires extensive reading of cases, this course takes a more direct approach, showing you the rules of law and illustrating with some cases where it is helpful. 

Completing the following courses will take approximately 500 hours of study, equivalent to around 33 credits:

Certified Marketing Professional—$2,500

Marketing is now primarily digital and in the tech sector today marketing professionals need an understanding of the business environment as well as a strong grasp on digital advertising and social media marketing platforms. This certified marketing professional course involves around 300 hours of study, equivalent to 20 credits covering the following learning modules:

Certified Startup Mentor—$2,500

Mentoring and guiding a startup toward success requires a deep understanding of the startup process and important aspects of law, marketing and finance. This course provides you with a methodology for setting target “exits” for startup ventures, and set of tools and experts to enable you to plot a route toward the target goal, track milestones and generate momentum in the marketplace.

This course requires around 500 hours of study, or 34 credits with the following learning modules:

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