Self-Paced Online Course: Civil Procedure

Study Hours: 18

Technology-oriented companies involved in patent licensing and other companies entering the US marketplace must be aware of the reach of the federal and state courts, and the procedures they will follow when they find themselves in legal disputes. Consumer class actions, product liability claims, patent, trademark and copyright infringement are examples of the types of disputes executives in Silicon Valley corporations are required to deal with. In this module, the student learns the basis of civil procedure in the U.S. Topics covered include personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, venue, pleadings, service of process, joinder and judgments.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Apply the basic rules of civil procedure in the U.S. federal courts, including personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction and venue.
  • Serve process when a lawsuit is initiated.
  • Understand how evidence is discovered and shared by the opposing parties in a lawsuit in U.S. federal court.
  • Understand how the trial is conducted in U.S. federal court, and how prior judgments are handled.
  • Appreciate the key distinctions between the rules of civil procedure as applied in California versus the federal court system.
  • Appreciate how the essential federal rules of civil procedure define what goes into the complaint, the answer and various other court papers and pleadings.

Course Sections

The course is organized into the following sections:

  • Civil Procedure: Introduction
  • Civil Procedure: Personal Jurisdiction
  • Civil Procedure: Subject Matter Jurisdiction
  • Civil Procedure: Venue
  • Civil Procedure: Pleadings
  • Civil Procedure: Joinder
  • Civil Procedure: Service of Process
  • Civil Procedure: Discovery
  • Civil Procedure: Prior Judgments
  • Civil Procedure: Trial
  • Civil Procedure: Appeals
  • Civil Procedure: Alternative Forms of Dispute Resolution
  • Civil Procedure: Settlement, Decisions & Opinions
  • Civil Procedure: California Specific

Course Information:
Study Hours: 18

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