Self-Paced Online Course: Valuation

Study Hours: 26

This course explains the valuation techniques commonly used in Silicon Valley and the technology sector. Discounted cash flow and income-based techniques are discussed, together with cost based and comparable approaches. The following topics are covered: the market forces of supply and demand, revenue multiples, earning multiples, liquidity discount, return on investment, pre-and post- investment valuations. These techniques are applied to the appraisal of patents, software, trademarks and the valuation of startups in the seed, early, expansion and mezzanine stages of development.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Apply various valuation techniques to the valuation of startups, established businesses and patent assets.
  • Distinguish between the income, cost and comparables approaches to valuation.
  • Place a valuation on an early-stage startup venture–before the business has significant sales revenues or profits.
  • Place a value on intangible assets including patents, trademarks, copyrights and software.

Course Sections

The course is organized into the following sections:

  • Valuation: The Concept of Value
  • Valuation: Comparables Approaches to Valuation
  • Valuation: Cost Approaches to Valuation
  • Valuation: Income Approaches to Valuation
  • Valuation: Economic Forces of Supply & Demand
  • Valuation: Valuation of Established Businesses
  • Valuation: Share Price & Company Valuation by Wall Street & Public Market Investors
  • Valuation: Businesses in Merger & Acquisition Transactions
  • Valuation: Startup Businesses in Venture Capital & Other Financings
  • Valuation: Product Lines
  • Valuation: Software Code
  • Valuation: Patents
  • Valuation: Trademarks
  • Valuation: Domain Names
  • Valuation: Businesses with Patents & IP Assets
  • Valuation: Unused Quiz Question(s)

Course Information:
Study Hours: 26

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